The likelihood of Deury Corniel becoming a pro kitesurfer was always strong, given that his three older brothers, Ariel, Kelvin and Raul were all kitesurfers (his younger sister Nina is also a kitesurfer).

Deury began to kitesurf with the help of his brothers at the age of nine, having first become hooked on the sport when watching Ariel at the 2007 Cabarete World Cup.

In the decade that followed his first attempts at kitesurfing he’d become Youth Olympic Champion (in Buenos Aires 2018) Youth World Champion (Hainan Island, China) and World Freestyle Kitesurfing runner-up (2018 and 2019) before his 20th birthday.

It was almost even better for Deury, who only missed out on becoming the 2019 world champion by the narrowest of margins, having scored the same number of points as the eventual champion Valentin Rodriguez, but missing out in the very last moment of the season.

And his talents don’t stop there: after becoming world champion, Deury tried his hand at acting, starring in the film Cabarete, set in his home town in the Dominican Republic.

Opportunities for travel were restricted in 2020, but in 2021, Deury began a new chapter on the Cabrinha International Team and it’s surely only a matter of time before he lifts that elusive world championship trophy aloft.


Instagram: @adeuricorniel Facebook : @adeuricornel

Age: 21
Country: Rep Dominican
Sponsors: Cabrinha, Redbull
Specialist discipline: Freestyle
Home spot: Cabarete
Standout moment: becoming world champion 2019


  • Youth Olympic gold medal 2018
  • Youth World Championship 2018
  • 2nd Overall: World Championships 2018 /2019
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