Marketing and sponsorship opportunities

Develop your brand image, Become a sponsor, individual sponsor, We adapt digital marketing solutions to your needs, Online .TV, Social media, Web contest.

  • Main partners PLATINIUM
  • Official Partners GOLD
  • Supporters SILVER
  • Individual sponsorships
  • Media Partners


You may become an SLIDE’N ROCK sponsor contact now


Different forms of collaboration

  • Integration of your brand on the videos of competitors international repercussions
  • Integration of your brand on our website and social networks.
  • Creation and promotion of personalized Boardsports and Rock content
  • Amplification of your social networks and personalized programs
  • Partnerships with athletes from Boardsports, Rock Bands and influencers
  • Digital advertising (Web, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook)
  • The ability to promote your company’s internal communications.
  • Business-to-business marketing opportunities.
  • Possibility of affiliating your brand to the event and its universe
  • International media coverage and a public relations campaign.
  • One of the most profitable and versatile sponsorship opportunities.

We are a professional and dynamic team, we fully understand what our sponsors expect and we are committed to providing them with the best possible return on investment.

Our reach is global because it’s online, with possibilities to personalize our communication to reach the markets that best meet the needs of your brand and your business.

  • Online broadcast
  • Global events
  • social follow-ups of athletes and rock groups
  • SLIDE’N ROCK social follow-ups

    We understand and interact with Generation Y and Generation Z.

Boardsports and Rock Music audiences:

  • 74% are millennials or generation Z
  • 69% have above-average purchasing power
  • 33% of women

We are a gateway to a very trendy way of life.

Boardsports and Rock fans are:

  • active
  • In good health
  • Adventurous
  • Authentic
  • Progressive
  • Eco-Conscious



You represent a company, an association, a foundation, a federation, you want to become a partner, in exchange for your collaboration we suggest that you put your advertising on our web, on our youtube channel, we have different offers that will easily adapt to your needs.


We suggest you put your advertising on our website, on different advertising spaces, strategically placed, to quickly attract new customers. Whether you are a company, an association, a foundation, a federation, our various SILVER, GOLD, PLATINIUM offers will easily adapt to your needs.

SILVER Your advertising target by region and spots:

If you offer your services near a kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, wingfoil, Stand up paddle, wakeboard spot you want to target your advertising on a region or a sector we can display your advertising on our web page in the “Supporter” sector ”And on riders and rock bands in your region. This is a great way to quickly attract and retain local customers.

GOLD your Advertising on our web platform:

If your business is national, you can choose advertising aimed at a wider audience. A banner on our home page, a promotional video? Contact us so that together we can choose the best location for your advertisement.

PLATINUM your tailor-made advertising:

Placing a simple advertisement on our site does not seem sufficient to ensure the promotion of your brand? We can design different marketing strategies for you to meet your needs.

How to become a partner:

Thank you for your interest in our partner program. If SLIDE’N ROCK maintains multiple relationships with its partners, the common bond between all remains the passion for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing,… and rock music. Our partners are distinguished by the diversity of their size – from small structures offering exceptional regional service capacities to international players capable of providing national support.

Required conditions :

Sign a partnership contract governing the cooperation between SLIDE’N ROCK and your company.
Complete and update your partner profile with information on your activity, your logo, your area of ​​expertise and the markets in which you are present.
Participate in the annual satisfaction survey conducted among SLIDE’N ROCK partners.
Create a joint development plan (Platinum and Gold partners).

Partners :

CBCM BOARDER CLUB www.cbcmboarderclub.org

CBCM SURF TRAVEL www.cbcmsurf.com

CBCM.TV Films production & Marketing Agency www.cbcmfilms.com

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