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David Eric Grohl, born January 14, 1969 in Warren, Ohio, is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer, former Nirvana drummer and still frontman of the Foo Fighters began playing guitar and drums when ‘he was only about ten years old. Today he is considered by his peers as one of the greatest drummers in American rock. And far from gargling, the one whose name is the same with grunt, is not yet a bad boy. On the contrary, he has always known how to put his talent and his eclecticism at the service of others, thus moving from grunge (Nirvana) to post-grunge and power pop (Foo Fighters), to stoner (Queens of the Stone Age), then metal (Probot and Nine Inch Nails) and punk (Juliette and the Licks). In 2013, Dave Grohl piloted the Sound City: Real to Reel project, which pays tribute to the legendary Sound City studios in Los Angeles (California).


Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, just released their debut album Bleach, but without a reliable drummer for their tours, attend a Scream concert. The artistic love at first sight is immediate, especially as Cobain is also looking for a drummer capable of singing. In 1990, Grohl became a member of the trio and recorded Nevermind (1991), an album whose success went beyond the grunge sphere to mark rock history. The influence of the drummer, who has a powerful and complete playing, on the success of the group, should not be overlooked.

Foo Fighters

The drummer turned guitarist and singer reaped immediate success (Foo Fighters was platinum). A trend confirmed by The Color and the Shape (1997), the first album of The Foo Fighters as a real group. If he does not have the emotion of a Cobain, Grohl is still an excellent singer. He surprises his world in his new role as conductor of a group which logically takes up the torch released by Nirvana, namely a clever mix of pop, grunge and punk. With six studio albums in 25 years and a live album, punctuated by hits, The Foo Fighters has allowed Dave Grohl to prove his worth.


The discography of Foo Fighters, American alternative rock group, includes all the records released during their career. The first, namesake of the group, was almost entirely recorded by Dave Grohl in 1994, while the last, Concrete and Gold, was released in 2017. This discography is made up of fifteen albums (studio, live, compilations and EP), four DVDs , forty singles and a multitude of collaborations.

Foo Fighters has released ten studio albums since 1995, including the 2005 double album In Your Honor, which consisted of a disc of electric songs and one of acoustic songs. Following this opus, the group began an acoustic tour which resulted in the release of Skin and Bones in 2006, the only live CD. They are all at least gold disc across the Atlantic and in the United Kingdom. It was in 2009 that the Greatest Hits came out in the bins, the first compilation featuring the most outstanding songs of the group. A second compilation, originally published only on vinyl and comprising covers and B sides of different singles, was sold in limited numbers in 2011. It should be noted that three maxi’s were released: Five Songs and a Cover in 2005, then Songs from the Laundry Room and Saint Cecilia in 2015.

With no less than forty-seven singles, twelve of which were promotional and a large number that took first place in the sales charts, the group has enjoyed growing international success since its debut in Seattle. Some of them like Everlong, Best of You or The Pretender have become anthems of the group1 and are regularly performed in sporting events2. Foo Fighters today revolves around singer and guitarist Dave Grohl with Taylor Hawkins on drums, Nate Mendel on bass, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear on guitar, and has surpassed 10 million albums sold just in the States. -United3.


Wasting Light (2011)

April 8, 2011. Alternative rock, rock and hard rock. 15 pieces.

Foo Fighters Album

The best Foos album. More Heavy, and yet more « pop » titles like Dear Rosemary or Arlandria work wonders.
And These Day is perhaps the best song of the group.

One by One (2002)

October 21, 2002. Alternative rock. 11 pieces.

Foo Fighters album

It’s just great, an almost continuous surge of power, Dave on vocals ensures a max and behind musically it follows, the songs that are All My Mife, Low and Time Like These are hits in power and Tired of You fucks me chills. Too bad the end of the album is a cut below with Lonely as You and Burn Away.

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007)

September 18, 2007. Rock and hard rock. 13 pieces.

 Foo Fighters album

I still really like this album, especially for Dave’s voice.
The album has ome great tracks (The Pretender and Let It Die are really killer, both stranger Things Have Happened and Home are perfect), but is a bit uneven at times.

The Colour and the Shape (1997)

May 10, 1997. Alternative rock, rock and hard rock. 14 pieces.

Album de Foo Fighters

Un très bon album, peut être un peu moins abouti que certains de ses successeurs. Le début (3 premières pistes) est vraiment sympa, ça s’essoufle un peu après avec quelques morceaux décevants (See You, My Poor Brain) mais aussi des morceaux vraiment énormes (Everlong et My Hero bien sûr, mais aussi Walking After You et New Way Home

In Your Honor (2005)

May 13, 2005. Alternative rock, rock and hard rock. 20 pieces.

 Foo Fighters album

Not the best album, but still fun to listen to. Songs like Best of You, No Way Back or The Last Song are really very good, the first record in general is anyway.
The second acoustic is more dispensable, but remains pleasant.

Medicine at Midnight (2021)

February 5, 2021. 9 songs.

 Foo Fighters album

Once past the slightly disappointing first track, we find a groovy album, sometimes almost pop.
It tries sometimes surprising things (Shame Shame and Cloudspotters who can disappoint at first listen but which age well for me), and others which ultimately work very well (the classic No son of Mine, and especially Waiting On a War which is clearly my favorite of the album).

Concrete and Gold (2017)

September 15, 2017. 11 songs.

 Foo Fighters album

It’s not the best Foos album, but it’s still fun to listen to. There’s always a real sense of melody combined with an energy that you always feel even if the production tends to smooth everything out a bit.
The Sky is a Neighborhood is really a killer, I really like Run with its very strong verses combined with a softer chorus, and I also remember the ride Dirty Water and Arrows.
The end of the album is a step below, especially Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) which is really uninspiring.

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Foo Fighters (1995)

June 26, 1995. Rock, alternative rock and hard rock. 12 pieces.

 Foo Fighters album

A nice album, but there’s clearly Kurt’s shadow hanging out there. Dave Grohl doesn’t completely detach himself from Nirvana, you can tell. And the voice is a little weak at times.

Sonic Highways (2014)

November 10, 2014. Alternative rock and rock. 8 pieces.

 Foo Fighters album

Friendly but not unforgettable. The principle of taking a city by song may sound cool, but behind the album is ultimately quite smooth and uniform. Above all, it’s a little too stereotypical.

There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999)

November 1, 1999. Rock, alternative rock and hard rock. 12 pieces.

 Foo Fighters album

Little inspired, we find the Grohl touch on certain tracks (Breakout, MIA or even Gimme Stitches), the rest oscillates between honeyed pop and rock for beginners. A little disappointing.

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Saint Cecilia EP (EP) (2015)

November 23, 2015. Rock and alternative rock. 5 pieces.

The intention is laudable, after that it is not total ecstasy either.
Sean and Savior Breath have little interest, Iron Rooster and The Neverending Sigh are cool, and only Saint Cecilia is really, really good.

Hail Satin (2021)

July 17, 2021. 10 songs.

Foo Fighters compilation



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